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Do I need home insurance?

Home insurance isn’t a legal requirement in the same way car insurance is if you want to drive on UK roads. However in some cases you may be required to take out cover – for example, if you’re taking out a mortgage on a property the lender will probably insist you take out home insurance before loaning you the money. If you’re a tenant, you’ll only need to cover your belongings – the building itself should be covered by your landlord.

What insurance do I need for my home?

Home insurance is two separate products: buildings insurance and contents insurance. You can take each out separately or buy both from the same provider in a combined home insurance policy.

What is buildings insurance?

Buildings insurance covers the physical structure of your property – essentially the bricks and mortar of the building, and any permanent fittings or fixtures.

What is contents insurance?

Contents insurance covers the items in your home if they’re damaged or stolen – and some policies also cover your contents while you’re away from home.

What is combined home insurance?

You could take out your buildings and contents insurance with the same provider to reduce the hassle, but you should always compare quotes to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

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Build your no claims discount

You can usually get a no-claims discount if you’ve gone several years without a claim

Pay annually

Paying for your insurance in an annual lump sum works out cheaper than paying monthly

Pay more excess

Asking for a higher excess implies you’re less likely to claim, so you get a lower premium

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