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Remortgaging means changing your existing mortgage to a different deal with a new lender. Switching can help you access lower interest rates and better terms.


First-time buyer

Designed for people buying their first UK property. Many include incentives like cashback, low fees, or a contribution towards legal costs.


Home purchase

If you’re buying your next property, you’ll either take your current deal with you – called porting your mortgage – or get a new one.

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Find out how much you could borrow based on your income and deposit amount

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See how much interest you could save by making regular overpayments on your mortgage


A mortgage is a type of loan that a bank or building society lends to you to help you buy a property. The amount of mortgage you need to borrow will depend on the amount you’ve saved up to put towards a deposit for a property, and the amount you still need to reach the purchase price of the property you want to buy. The amount of mortgage you then take out will be a percentage of the purchase price – this is called a loan-to-value or LTV.
You can apply for a mortgage through a bank or building society – you’ll need a few documents to hand, including proof of identity, utility bills and bank statements. When you apply you’ll be asked a series of questions about yourself and your finances, so your lender can calculate what kind of mortgage you’ll be able to afford. They’ll also run a number of checks to determine your financial status, and if your application is accepted you’ll be sent an offer. It's easier and quicker find the best mortgage for you when you compare quotes with MoveCompare. Just tell us a little about yourself and the home you want to purchase, and you can compare deals by the initial interest rate, overall APR and the fees included in the overall mortgage term.
The amount of mortgage you can afford is based on your yearly income and any financial commitments you already have. You can find out how much you could borrow with our mortgage borrowing calculator – simply enter your yearly income and we’ll do the rest. Whether a lender will let you borrow this amount though will also depend on your credit history, deposit amount and mortgage term.